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I was driving family and this random coworker(Who has a kid) I used to know at the airline. I was driving on a beach side road. All of a sudden we approached this steep downward hill up and down it seemed almost made of just sand. I started driving down it but I stopped because I was afraid all the weight would make our car unstoppable and heavy.

Everyone got out and we walked for a little bit. It was strange as people were around the beach. Not many. They seemed lost. I was looking around for a safe way to take the car down, I saw the wheels of this other car. After staring it for some time, I realized it's actually another car but it was covered in sand as if abandoned. 

I see some shelter not too far away, but I decided for my family and coworker to walk to it while I drove the car to there. My dad was wondering why? And I had to YELL at him to get him to understand. Because of the weight of the passengers and the seemingly soft terrain, I did not want anyone in the car should it slip and fall into the ocean or get stuck eternally into the ground.

I had a similar dream before with the sinking ground on the beach. I was in a car with all my sisters. we were driving and we decided to drive onto the sand on the beach. once we passed into the sand terrain, our car started to sink rapidly. It was like quick sand and we were trapped with no one to save us.

My dad understood and everyone walked to the shelter. Luckily everyone made it safe and the car was okay. We rested a bit in the shelter. For some reason, I don't recall all the family members with me aside from parents and this one latino coworker I used to work with. I was checking on the coworker on how she was doing and she mentioned that every time I talked to her I was blushing. Then I started to blush. She showed me her sunglasses and told me to put them on. Which I did. My dad was sitting next to me probably thinking" oooh you gonna marry a latino girl". In real life, my dad likes to joke that I'll marry a latino girl or a redneck girl. 

I started to hear a rumbling sound and all of a sudden lava started to rise. me and another family member was rushing people to get out. It was too late for some but we kept trying to run away from it. but where ever we ran lava started to come up. We could escape. Everyone was soon engulfed in lava and the camera panned out to another character.

This character was like batman almost but he was alone. He was in some facility trying to break in but he saw the lava rise all around the city. The dream continued but it was relevant to me.

I tried so hard to make sure my family would be safe, but everyone still died in the end. it is like no matter what I do matter what I do, things will turn out the same in the end. Not specific to family but a general theme in life.

For a positive theme, I did overcome my fear of being buried alive for the sake of my loved ones. I drove the car with the risk of falling into the ocean or into the sand.


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