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Favorite lyrics - Rise Against Version

I discovered Rise Against when I was watching PVP videos at the advent of when WoW got popular. The energy of the band was great at fueling PVP RAGE.......... 0.0; But it wasn't really just the energy, but the lyrics were something different. Although the group is very anti-war and all about social reform, I never really looked at it that way. Just music that could elicit emotions and thoughtfulness. They have some best choruses I've heard.

I remember going to the concert in 2009 with two coworkers. While they shared pot with this random stranger, I just drank a little beer they gave. They had this gold flake liquor that they were sharing with each other and I acted like I tried some, but I poured/spitted it out when they weren't looking. I very much enjoyed the concert. Sang all the songs. I was surprised they chose to play "Everchanging" which is one of my favorite acoustic songs they've done. After the concert was over, I didn't listen to them for months. Pretty burnt at that point. I wonder if it'd be the same if I went to a Fray or Coldplay concert. I can't imagine going to a Taylor Swift concert...

"All gave some; Some gave all"

"What you don't understand is that it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
"You had it backwards. It's better to live on your feet than to die on your knees."

"I know I've been gone for what seems like forever, but I'm here now waiting"

"We are the ones who kept quiet and always did what we were told."

"If love is a labor I'll slave till the end, I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand"

"I walk on wounds that seldom prove to slow me down. I laugh this constant pain away"

"The promise of safe return undelivered; The ocean is wider than I first guessed; When roads disappeared, I followed the rivers; But somehow got in over my head so deep I felt taken"

"As we were, so perfect, so happy. They'll remember, only our smiles 'cause that's all they've seen."

" 'This is what's best, for me, for you, for us,' or maybe just for me I thought"

"Then she was crying. Then she was shouting. Then I was shouting. Now pouring confessions, having no answers, or solutions; We barely even knew the questions."

"These machines feed on the tears of broken lives and dying dreams; We're throwing wrenches in the gears; Our lives will not be lived in vain"

"Now the lines are drawn; Is this feeling gone? The best parts of this have come and gone... And now that is all this is"
"With the reasons clear, we'll spend another year without direction, full of fear; But now things will be different"
"There's nothing simple when it comes to you and I; Always something in this everchanging life"

"Now something has kept me here too long and now I'm gone"

"I can still remember the words and what they meant... As we etched them with our fingers in years of wet cement"

"I looked up and saw you. I know that you saw me. We froze but for a moment...In empathy"

"I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug;You gave my emptiness a name"

"But we ran away; now all my friends are gone. Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved. Runaway....but what are we running from? A show of hands from those in this audience of one; Where have they gone?"

"Life for you's been less than kind; so take a number, stand in line; We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt; But how we survive, is what makes us who we are"

"These worlds collide but the distance remains"

"Inside my hands these petals browned, dried up, fallen to the ground;But it was already too late now"
"I pushed my fingers through the earth; Returned this flower to the dirt; So it could live, I walked away now."

"All because of you, I believe in angels; Not the kind with wings; No, not the kind with halos; The kind that bring you home when home becomes a strange place. I'll follow your voice. All you have to do is shout it out. "

"And I can't tell if you're laughing; Between each smile there's a tear in your eye; There's a train leaving town in an hour; It's not waiting for you, and neither am I"

"Is this the life that you lead, Or the life that's lead for you?"


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