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If a digital game is deleted from the server, did it ever exist?
City of Heroes, is a game I never played. Yet, I feel kind of bummed that this game is now shutting down. A comment in Kotaku reminded me of things I've thought regarding the medium:

"A lot of people want games to be considered art just as movies are. The
fact that games just cease to exist though is a major problem for that.
How can we save games for future generations, especially now that a lot
is online based. Hardware dies, services die, games disappear."

The only english class I passed in college was one where I wrote a paper about how I considered video game as the first interactive art and in order for the medium to progress, we need to evolve the way we interact with it. This was partly an argument of why I thought the Wii was a necessary step forward for gaming.

A video game's server shutting down is akin to death in the video game world. All you have left are memories. People move on.

It's interesting to think that a perhaps a digitally released only game would become lost and no one would experience it.


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