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End of the world
Occasionally it's fun to think about if the world "end".

Part of me wouldn't have mind if it ended. When I booked my trip, I think I was thinking at the prospects of what would have happened. My flight was at 12:15AM today. My original thinking was if the world did end, I would end up either safe or the first to die, depending if the end came from the sun, ocean, electrical black out, etc. If the world did not end, I get to see my family. Either way there was something to anticipate.

I decided to pack a first aid kit and an extra set of clothes last minute before I left although I chuckle a lil at that now. I also filled a USB drive with memories and files important to me.

The day continued without fail. There was so much that needed to be done, that I didn't really think about it.


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